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Highland Curling Club
Commercial Leagues


Regina & Region Home Builders Assn. Curling League.

9 p.m.

Curling has been a part of the Regina & Region Home Builders Association for over
35 years. The league was at its strongest in the mid-80s at the Regina Curling Club with 24 teams. We have struggled for the past few years, going to a low of 8 teams. Last year we were able to get 12 teams out which puts us at full capacity and a number that we hope to maintain. We curl Mondays at 9 p.m. We have mainly men's teams with a few mixed and ladies' teams.
Good sportsmanship and fellowship are enjoyed by all.

League contact: Don Richardson
Phone: 525-8301 Home: 545-5216


Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Highland Senior Men's Curling League.

12 noon / 2 p.m.

Age-55 plus. Enter individualy.

League Contact:


Tuesday / Friday

Daylite Curling League

9 a.m.

League Contact: Don Hill

Phone: 949-5574.


Tuesday / Thursday

Ladies' Day League

1 p.m.

League Contact: Joyce McGown.

Phone 543-6880.


University of Regina Curling League

5:00 p.m.

League Contact-


Food Brokers Curling League

8:30 am.
Began several decades ago as a fun league where
inexperienced curlers, who were associated with the Food Industry
could come out once a week and enjoy the fun and comradeship of
fellow curlers. One no longer has to be associated with the Food Industry
to join. The league curls every Saturday morning at 8:00am throughout
the curling season.
League Contact–Jack McHardy
Phone-------------Bus. 545-4142 Res. 543-2714

Sue Carlson Memorial, Saskpower/Saskenergy
Curling League

11 a.m.

League Contact-Brian Helfrick.

Phone: 566-3710

Baptist Church League.

2:45 p.m.

League Contact-


Public Health Curling League.

5:00 p.m.

League Contact- George Meredith.

Phone--Res. 586-5577.





ODDS & ENDS ( O & E ) Curling League.

11 a.m.

League Contact--Bill Jackson

Phone 545-8740


The O & E Curling League is a non competitive "fun" curling league. No experience necessary. Single curlers are placed on teams.

Mixed age groups. Various social activities during the curling season. ( Christmas social,bowling nite, mini spiel, etc.).

Large banquet shared with several other bowling and curling leagues at the Turvey Centre in May.

Curling Fees- $165.00 / year.


Uplands Curling League.

1 p.m.

League Contact-Ken MacKenzie

Phone: 545-1200.

Coop Refinery/UpGrader Curling League.

7 p.m.

The Refinery Curling League is mainly a employee based league, but will take
outsiders when there are openings. The league is considered to be a fun league,
where team makeup and calibre is varied. The league plays a 16 game schedule
with a Mini Spiel and Windup .

League Contact—Gary Cooper
Phone-----------Bus. 721-5244 Res. 533-4356