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Gord Garratt and his team of Third Corly Briltz, Second Cleve Thorson and Lead Glen Kosar defeated Gary Bryden in the A Event Final to win the 2005/06 Elite Auto Body Senior Super League. The John Vallance team won the Round Robin section leading up to the Playoffs.

League Sponsors

Title Sponsor--------------------- Elite Auto Body

Gold Sponsors-------------------Conexus Credit Union

Standox Paints

Level 2 Sponsors------------The Embroidery Factory

Cimco Refrigeration

Richardson Lighting

Folks Curling Corner

Wallace Rug Cleaners

Carborundum Abrasives

Game 1 Oct. 17, 2005

Bryden vs Burton

Reid vs Garratt

Leippi vs Lewis

Petruic vs Tait

Vallance vs Waller

Weppler vs Zummack

Game 2 Oct. 24, 2005

Vallance vs Reid

Bryden vs Waller

Garratt vs Weppler

Zummack vs Leippi

Burton vs Tait

Lewis vs Petruic

Game 3 Oct. 31, 2005

Petruic vs Zummack

Leippi vs Tait

Burton vs Vallance

Garratt vs Waller

Lewis vs Weppler

Bryden vs Reid

Game 4 Nov. 7, 2005

Garratt vs Leippi

Lewis vs Burton

Reid vs Zummack

Weppler vs Vallance

Bryden vs Petruic

Waller vs Tait

Game 5 Nov. 14, 2005

Weppler vs Tait

Vallance vs Petruic

Leippi vs Bryden

Reid vs Lewis

Waller vs Zummack

Garratt vs Burton

Game 6 Nov. 21, 2005

Waller vs Lewis

Weppler vs Bryden

Tait vs Reid

Burton vs Zummack

Petruic vs Garratt

Leippi vs Vallance

Game 7 Nov. 28, 2005

Leippi vs Petruic

Garratt vs Zummack

Waller vs Burton

Vallance vs Bryden

Tait vs Lewis

Reid vs Weppler

Game 8 Dec. 5, 2005

Zummack vs Vallance

Waller vs Leippi

Weppler vs Petruic

Lewis vs Garratt

Reid vs Burton

Tait vs Bryden

Game 9 Dec.12, 2005

Lewis vs Bryden

Burton vs Weppler

Zummack vs Tait

Leippi vs Reid

Garratt vs Vallance

Game 10 Dec. 19, 2005

Game 10 Dec. 19

Reid vs Waller

Tait vs Vallance

Bryden vs Garratt

Petruic vs Burton

Weppler vs Leippi

Zummack vs Lewis

Game 11 Jan. 2 2006.

Tait vs Garratt

Petruic vs Reid

Vallance vs Lewis

Waller vs Weppler

Zummack Bryden

Burton vs Leippi